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Dyer Company is a technical leader in precision bore gages, ID/OD Groove gages, min-wall / thickness gages and special application gages.

We supply customers with free, fast, experienced problem solving application engineering. Dyer gages save time, have proven designs, are fast, accurate, repeatable and 24-7 shop rugged.

As a manufacturer and supplier of unique hand and table top gages, we guarantee a less than or equal to 10% gage R & R capability. We offer quick delivery, 1-5 days for standard, special and custom design gages.

Thousands of Custom & Stock Production Gages for Precision Bores, Groves, Min-Wall, Thickness & Special Applications

Time-Saving Measuring Solutions

Show R.L. Guimont your application & we’ll quickly help select the right Dyer gage for you!

Gage R & R Rated!