Inspection & Calibration

Carl Zeiss was founded in Jena, Germany in 1846 as a workshop for precision engineering and optics, and has become an international company. Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology is a member of the International Association of Coordinate Measuring Machine Manufacturers.

Bridge-Type CMMs
Continuous development has made scanning technology an indispensable production tool. Bridge-type coordinate measuring machines from Carl Zeiss, with our VAST and navigator technology for example, guarantee a high level of process stability and they also fit seamlessly into tough production environments because of their durability and size.
Horizontal-Arm CMMs
Horizontal-arm coordinate measuring machine are perfect for a wide range of applications, including the automotive and supplier industries. They are ideal for measuring the initial batch of parts all the way up to analysis from the first sheet to the first tool, from the cubing model to a complete car body.

Our PRO and PRO T machines are based on a new platform strategy that uses a modular design. Measure at very high speeds without losing accuracy and quickly adjust to changing production requirements.

Production Measuring
These production measuring machines are designed to handle the toughest conditions and give you the highest accuracies at the same time.

They use Carl Zeiss scanning technology for high-data density and reliable measuring results. Sturdy construction is critical for these metrology tools and this makes them ideal for use directly in a production environment. They offer extreme resistance to temperature fluctuations

Large Machines
Made for quality assurance of medium to large components in the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as for automotive and mechanical engineering.

They match the range metrology requirements by precise, efficient measuring. Available with the Active Scanning VAST sensor for precision measuring. Also, the VAST XXT and LineScan sensors on the RDS articulating probe holder make the MMZ machines optimal measuring systems for various measuring tasks.

Microsystem and Optical
CALYPSO measuring software is the ideal software for almost any measuring task. It works for manual and CNC systems, and supports online and offline programming.

All measuring tasks can be completed at the click of a mouse. CALYPSO is completely multi-sensor capable and supports all current ZEISS sensors whether for single-point, scanning or optical measuring. This creates the ideal measuring system for every measuring task on one measuring machine.

The CAD core and numerous interfaces also enable the exchange of different data formats between measuring and CAD systems, effective statistics and the use of non-ZEISS measuring systems.