CMMs, Optical Measuring Systems, CT Scanners
ZEISS was founded in Jena, Germany in 1846 as a workshop for precision engineering and optics, and has become an international company. ZEISS has been in the scanning business since 1974 when they made their first CMM. Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC is a member of the International Association of Coordinate Measuring Machine Manufacturers. R.L. Guimont Co., Inc. has proudly represented ZEISS since 1988.
Software Coordinate Measuring Machines Optical Systems Computed Tomography
ZEISS provides state of the art software on all systems that takes you from measuring to reporting and analysing your data.
CALYPSO is the flagship measurement software from ZEISS. Its characteristic based, object-oriented design puts it in a class by itself and allows you to easily get from the print characteristic to the measurement. CALYPSO handles standard geometry plus complex 2D & 3D shapes. The CALYPSO PMI function is included in the standard package which allows to automatically get from the CAD model to the measurement plan.
  • Automatic travel paths
  • Only measure what is needed to complete the task
  • Run all or part of a program in any order
  • Program with or without CAD
  • Analyze your data on the CAD model
  • Includes PiWeb reporting
PiWeb is a scalable IT solution for quality data management. Collect data from your CMM or any gage in your organization and visualize what is happening with custom part stories for each product. Reports can be viewed from anywhere and you can interact with CAD right in the report.
  • Easily generate report templates
  • Recoginize quality factors
  • Statistical anylsis
  • Dynamic reports
  • View data from anywhere with network solutions
  • Built into CALYPSO
Software Coordinate Measuring Machines Optical Systems Computed Tomography
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)
CMMs are a mainstay of metrology labs across the globe. ZEISS provides the high quality systems you expect with solutions that can be tailored to your needs.
Bridge CMMs
Bridge types CMMs provide the fastest and most precise measurements that are essential to any quality laboratory.
CONTURA is the standard in its class due its accuracy and wide range of available sizes. It can come equipped with a fixed active scanning probe, fixed passive scanning probe, or an RDS articulating probe head capable of holding scanning, optical, and laser sensors. ACCURA is the future proof system with a wide range of sizes that are pre-wired for all sensors so it can be configured to meet your changing needs, long and short term. MICRUA is the solution for high accuracy, high speed measurement of small parts and comes standard with ZEISS active scanning technology.
PRISMO is the standard for the highest accuracy measurement that is well suited to the lab and environments near production and comes standard MASS (multi-sensor application system). XENOS offer the highest precision available that is demanded by research institutes and the aerospace industry with a measuring volume of nearly 1 cubic meter.
Shop Floor CMMs
The Max line from ZEISS allows you to put the quality functions you need at the production site without the need for special enclosures.
GageMax DuraMax CenterMax
GageMax allows for measurement directly in the production area with a design the provide maximum accuracy while being unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuations and ground vibrations. DuraMax eliminates the need for fixed gages providing you with a flexible scanning CMM that is at home in the production environment. CenterMax can be integrated right into the production line providing you with high accuracy across a large range of temperature and vibrations. The variable workpiece base makes it ideal for automated loading.
Large CMMs
Aerospace, energy, and large vehicle production can measure the largest of parts with the high accuracy they require with ZEISS large brigde and gantry style CMMs.
ACCURA has a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet your current and future needs. All systems come MASS (multi-sensor application system) ready. MMZ T offers the largest sizes available in a traditional bridge type CMMs with an open design that allows for easy loading of the largest parts. The MMZ E gantry style is ideal for measuring large parts that are easiest to load directly from the floor or from a conveyor.
The floor standing bridge design of the MMZ M gives you the most accuracy when checking large, complex parts with tight tolerances. MMZ G provides unmatched accuracy for the largest of parts with simple to complex geometry.
Horizontal-Arm CMMs
Horizontal-Arm CMMs from ZEISS give you the flexibility for ever changing tasks with impressive accuracy.
CARMET is an economical package that can be mounted flush to the floor or on-floor with an existing foundation. PRO is a modular horizontal-arm system that is easy to configure to meet your efficiency and performance requirements.
Software Coordinate Measuring Machines Optical Systems Computed Tomography
Optical Metrology
Using ZEISS optical metrology systems, complex measurements can be performed with a high degree of automation using state of the art sensors.
O-INSPECT Multi-sensor Systems
The O-INSPECT combines video, tactile scanning, and white light sensors to measure a wide range of parts.
O-INSPECT delivers 3D accuracy compliant to ISO 10360 and comes in the 3 sizes: 300/200/200mm, 500/400/300mm, and 800/600/300mm.
3D Scanning Systems
3D scanning systems from ZEISS provide innovative solutions for 3D digitizing of large, complex, or difficult to measure parts.
Ultra-compact 3D scanner with blue LED fringe projection for high flexibility and speed. 3D Scanning with intelligent light control provides for uncompromising flexibility and data quality. Portable, hand-held laser scanner with great performance, flexibility, and user friendliness
COMET PRO AE is a next generation 3D sensor combined with the ZEISS AIBOX for precise, automatic 3D digitizing. A flexible system for surface defect detection.
O-SELECT Profile Projector
O-SELECT allows for quick 2D profile measurement with fully automated light and focus and one button push operation.
Software Coordinate Measuring Machines Optical Systems Computed Tomography
Computed Tomography (CT)
Industrial CT and X-Ray solutions from ZEISS allow you to measure parts in an entirely new way. Easily capture external features as well as internal features that may not even be visible on single parts or entire assemblies in a single setup.
METROTOM VoluMax SRE MAX from Bosello
High resolutions system for performing traceable measurement and inspection jobs on thicker and multi-material parts. Designed for applications where parts need to be inspected quickly. VoluMax can be manually or automatically loaded and can be integrated into the production process, even in harsh environments. Many sizes from compact to large for controlling product quality from Bosello, a ZEISS company.
High resolution 3D X-Ray microscopy.
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