Expose Your Component’s 3DNA with the Comet L3D / ComScan System

Introducing 3DNA: three-dimensional nominal analysis. It is what sets the Comet L3D / ComScan system apart, making it a true evolution in CMM technology. What does this mean to you? 3DNA technology exposes the “genetic” code of a component with data collected from millions of coordinate points. The results summarize physical characteristics, potential defects comparable to design intent, and engineering quality. Comet L3D / ComScan systems are developed with proprietary matrix algorithms, an advanced PolyWorks software platform and a patented semi-spherical gantry design.

Sample Components... The Comet L3D / ComScan Systems Delivers!


Component:Crank Case Casting


Cycle Time:30 minutes

Weight:90 lbs.


Component:Coupler Knuckle


Cycle Time:10 minutes

Weight:80 lbs.


Component:Jet Engine Turbine Blade


Cycle Time:5 minutes

Weight:7 oz.