Inspection & Calibration

R.L. Guimont is proud to represent Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of the worlds most accurate metrology instruments. For the closest of accuracies, you can depend on Pratt & Whitney calibration instruments. Measuring linear dimensions with 50 nanometer (2 microinch) accuracy in metrology laboratories throughout the world, these high precision gages have been providing reliable measurements in aerospace, automotive, aviation, machine tool, military/defense, power generation, medical, telecommunications, and calibration service companies since 1860.

Pratt & Whitney manufactures metrology products to exacting dimensional standards of accuracy to guarantee high productivity, product integrity and decades of dependable use. Their exclusive modular designs facilitate problem isolation and field interchangeability.

Pratt & Whitney metrology products are developed for these applications:

- Threaded/non-threaded ring gages
- Gage blocks and end standards
- Threaded/non-threaded plug gages
- Dial indicators
- Gage wires
- Micrometer heads and micrometers
- Pin gages
- Threaded/non-threaded tapered plug gages
- Snap gages and calipers

Pratt & Whitney is committed to an ongoing development program that produces a continuous stream of new or improved applications for their product lines. While equally sensitive to the investment one makes in such an instrument. That's why Pratt & Whitney makes all new LabMaster developments reverse compatible to the very first LabMaster ever shipped. As your measurement needs evolve, Pratt & Whitney will be there to accommodate them.

Pratt & Whitney products include:
- Labmaster Universal
- Labmaster Standard
- Labmicrometer
- Laseruler
- Supermicrometer Model C