Inspection & Calibration

Gaging specialist since 1941 and innovators in the industry. Size Control Company's history includes leadership in the development of numerous gaging standards including pioneering the reversible thread plug gage. Size Control Company is home to the Midwest Gage Laboratory providing industry leading services including gage inspections and certification of calibration. Size Control Company, the innovator, leader and future of plug gaging.

Plain Gages
Extra Length Reversible Members
AGD Master Setting Discs
Master and Plain Ring
Adjustable Limit Snap Gages
Boremaster Rings
Tapered Ring and Plug Gages
Thread Measuring Wire Sets
Gear Measuring Wires and Sets
Hex Gages
Square Gages

Mikemaster Surveillance Masters
Kneemaster Angle Plates
Dres-O-Form Form Tool Sharpener
Centerless Precision Lapping Machines

Special Grinding and Lapping
Gage Inspection and Related Services
Thread Gages
Reversible and Trilock
Truncated Thread Setting Plug
Thread Ring
UNEF and NEF Plugs and Rings
Taperlock Star-Fire Plug
Helical Coil Gages (STI)
Pipe Thread, ANPT, NPTF and NPT
Metric, Plugs & Rings

Affiliated Company
Midwest Gage Laboratory