Inspection & Calibration

Sun-Tec Corporation has been a leader in the hardness testing industry for nearly a decade. Weíre located just outside of Detroit in Novi, Michigan, operating out of our newly built, 10,000 square foot facility. Proudly equipped with all the amenities necessary to address our customerís needs, we include an impressive showroom, accredited laboratory and full-production machine shop for repairs and rebuilds.

Rockwell Type
Sun-Tec provides several different Rockwell-Type testers to meet your needs. Our CLC Series offers you the most advanced capabilities including custom settings for research applications. While our CR Series are work-horses built for high volume testing in standard, superficial or both configurations. If it's an economical alternative youíre looking for, the CR1eA or the CR8 are both built to last and are ideal for limited quantity testing.
Vickers / Knoop
Sun-Tec Corporation has an impressive combination of Vickers / Knoop testers. We offer both Macro (CV), and Micro (CM) testers. They are ideal for testing small precision parts, thin materials and wire, coatings or performing case depth deformation. For a total, all inclusive package, that includes automation and computer analysis software, the ARS 9000 is outstanding. Expandable and upgradeable, it was designed to grow with your needs, providing a complete hardness testing system.
Sun-Tec Corporation realizes that not all hardness testing can be conducted from a bench top. Thatís why theyíve developed a group of portable testers to be used on location. Whether itís an awkward shape or difficult space, our portable testers can get the job done. All are light weight and extremely durable, covering the gamut of testing requirements.
Metallography is the study of various material microstructure. Examining if a material has been processed correctly is a critical step for determining product reliability. The basic steps needed for a metallographic preparation include: sectioning, mounting, grinding, polishing, etching and examination. SunTec Corporation presents the CMP Series, with all the equipment neccessary to conduct all of your metallographic testing.
Sun-Tec Corporation offers rugged, versatile and optically reliable microscopes to meet all of your hardness testing needs. From the broad range magnification and comfort of the EV-745 to the durable cast iron construction and portablility of the SBS Series, we have a solution to meet a wide range of requirements.
Sun-Tec Corporation offers up a diverse collection of Brinell testers. From the bench top to the large floor model, we have the right tester for the job. Constructed with a cast iron shell, these machines are built to last in any environment. They are fast, stable and accurate, providing reliable test results every time.
The G2 Series are rugged and reliable ball punch deformation testers used for evaluating the ductility of metallic sheet materials. They feature quick change dies for different material thicknesses and expanded visibility of test results during the operatorís inspection.
Tensile and Compression
The NST tester combines tensile and compression with leading edge technology for much greater control and accuracy. Tensile specimens insert easily and all grips are self-acting to prevent slippage. The NST is easy to use and an ideal tester for laboratory and quality control work.