Inspection & Calibration

Carl Zeiss was founded in Jena in 1846 as a workshop for precision engineering and optics, and has become an international company. Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology is a member of the International Association of Coordinate Measuring Machine Manufacturers.

Form and Surface
Carl Zeiss offers a complete line of surface texture and contour measuring instruments as well as cylindrical form measuring systems. We offer the portable Handysurf for basic surface measurements up to large systems used for high-end form and surface applications.
X-ray the interior of a workpiece and use the information in all areas of quality assurance. Non-destructive testing technology, such as assembly inspection, damage and porosity analysis, material inspection and defect checks are possible as well as traditional evaluation, reverse engineering applications or a comparison of geometries.
Microsystem and Optical
Microsystem components are used in automotive and medical parts. They are essential for highly accurate control processes. Their reliability is determined by the precision with which quality assurance ensures the function of these tiny parts.

Optical systems, such as our new O-INSPECT, are ideal for applications in plastics, medical, automotive, and precision mechanics.