CALYPSO Training Schedule
CALYPSO Basic class is 4 days and covers the software elements required for creating measurement plans and beginning part inspection. The Advanced Class is also 4 days and builds on the Basic class by introducing the advanced programming functionality of CALYPSO. In both classes, part of the last day is reserved for working on parts brought by the students. The 2-day PiWeb reporting class gives an overview of using the new PiWeb reporting engine in CALYPSO but also covers creating report templates in PiWeb Designer including inegrating CAD models, various plots and charts, custom variables, and using PiWeb monitor to access archived measurement data.
Classes are limited to 4 people except in special circumstances.
Registration for classes that have been opened can be completed on-line using the link next to each class below. You can view the full course offering from ZEISS and register on their training course webpage.
December 16-19, 2019
January 13-16, 2020
January 28-29, 2020
PiWeb Reporting
February 10-13, 2020
March 3-4, 2020
PiWeb Reporting
March 16-19, 2020
Calypso Advanced
Please contact R. L. Guimont Co. for pricing on software options training and on-site training and support.